Being a contractor or freelancer is great, being your own boss means you’re working in an industry you love, can work the hours you want to and you don’t have to report to someone else. Dealing with the financial side of self-employment, however, is terrifying for a large number of contractors and freelancers.

At Jim Lyons Accounting, our friendly and experienced accountants regularly work with self-employed business owners, providing the specialist knowledge and experience of HMRC that allows you to invest extra time into your business or spending quality time with friends and family. With over 40 years’ experience, you can rest assured that our freelancers’ accounting services ensure the financial side of your business is being well-looked after and is always accurate.


West Yorkshire accountancy services for business owners

Our ongoing financial advice will ensure that you not only stay IR35 compliant, but guarantee you won’t be faced with a gigantic tax bill at the end of the year. When you choose our self-employed accountancy services, you’ll receive:


  • Advice on structuring your company to make it tax efficient
  • Taking money out of your business in the best way
  • What you can claim as a business expense and how this will relate to your income and taxation
  • Your personal and corporate tax responsibilities, including Employer’s National Insurance, Employee’s National Insurance, Personal Income Tax, VAT (standard VAT or Flat Rate Scheme) and Corporation tax
  • Your personal self-assessment tax return prepared and completed every year
  • Advice on where, when and how to send all payments for your taxes


Why choose Jim Lyons Accounting?

With experience in a number of different industries as an accountant and financial director, managing director Jim Lyons understands exactly the kind of support you need as a contractor or freelancer. Our services will help to ease your worries as our comprehensive accountancy for the self-employed take care of all your financial matters.


For more information about our Yorkshire contractors’ accountancy, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 01535 605247 today.