With over 40 years’ accounting experience, at Jim Lyons Accounting, we understand how easy it can be for businesses and freelancers to fall behind on their taxes. Should you find HMRC have sent you a tax investigation letter, the first thing you should do is contact us for independent tax investigation advice. We’re here to protect your tax interests before you contact HMRC.

HMRC negotiation accountants you can rely on

Jim Lyons Accounting has over 4 decades’ experience negotiating with HMRC on behalf of our clients, giving you the benefit of not having to directly communicate with HMRC throughout your entire tax investigation. HMRC tax inspectors will often ask for a number of additional information and records.

If HMRC have a legal right to request these documents, we will then request them from you to pass along.

Benefit from more than 40 years’ experience in HMRC negotiation

During your tax investigation, the team at Jim Lyons Accounting will negotiate with HMRC to calculate the amount of tax debt you need to pay, and any HMRC penalties. Despite this, we will do everything possible to make the tax penalty as fair and low as possible.

Negotiating with HMRC can be an incredibly intimidating and daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never encountered them before, which is why it’s vital you appoint accountants experienced in HMRC negotiations. If you don’t, in fact, owe any money to HMRC, we’ll make sure they know about it.

Should HMRC try to get you to agree on a tax agreement that isn’t enforceable or legal, we will never agree to it, and appeal against HMRC on your behalf.

If you’ve received a letter from HMRC informing you they’re conducting a tax investigation, the first thing we’d advise is that you keep calm and call us. It’s very easy to think the worst will happen, but with Jim Lyons Accounting at your side, we’ll get you the best agreement possible.

For more information about our HMRC negotiation and tax investigation services, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01535 605247 or send us a message online today. We’re here to help you.